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K. MIchelle Lewis


Percussion That Pops

Percussion That Pops is a workshop that teaches students how to play pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments with popular music they know and love. Students will learn techniques on hand drums, drum-set, piano, xylophones, tambourines, maracas, and more. This workshop is accessible to students in grades 3-8. If you would like more information on having a workshop for students and/or teachers, please contact K. Michelle Lewis at drumsmart101@gmail.com or leave a message at 502-235-4161. If you would like to view more workshops, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Project-Based Learning In Music

Explore Project Based Learning in Music through creating music designed to solve real-world problems and advocate for those who may not have a voice. Participants will learn how to plan a project using design templates, generate ideas for projects, and where to locate resources for Project Based Learning in Music.

Rhythm of Life

Are you seeking balance in your life? Do you need to reset your body, mind and spirit to flow with your internal rhythm? If so, this workshop is for you. Using nature as our guide we will explore songs, dances and drumming that connect with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Participants of all ages will explore the rhythm of life through song, drumming and dancing that will produce love, happiness, and oneness.

Heavenly Harmony 

Coming Soon

Unleashing Creativity Through Drum Circle Facilitation

Are you ready to unleash creativity across your community? You've walked into the right Lab. Get ready to craft an idea you have had from concept to action, or work to unleash ways to create music in a non-threatening environment. You'll learn the 'how to’ of composition through drum circle facilitation and will come up with a quantity of ideas to help your students create music, publish music, and raise money for your percussion program. You will also learn how to build a community of learners who are challenged, motivated and whose ideas will ensure student ownership of learning.  This will empower your students to self-publish their music to help make an impact for the outcomes of their community! What's awesome is that you will  walk away with ideas to help your students collaborate, communicate, and create music  that is related to real life.   

Mindful Drum Workshop

Drum your way to a peaceful state of being. In this workshop, participants will learn how to focus their mind in the present moment by drumming rhythms that connect with their heart center. Through intention setting, breathing, and drumming participants will use their natural rhythm intuition to achieve a higher state of awareness which will result in oneness, increased brain activity, improved immune system function, enhanced mood, and more. To schedule a workshop email K. Michelle Lewis at drumsmart101@gmail.com.

 Sacred Sound Workshop

Coming Soon


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