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K. MIchelle Lewis

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The "Sounds of Louisville" Composition Project by the J. Graham Brown High School Band in collaboration with advising composer, Wendell Yuponce took place in Louisville, KY in the year 2012.   The project was supported by "Composers and Schools in Concert" in Petaluma, California.  CSIC

Project facilitation by: K. Michelle Lewis



It all started when I was teaching K-12 general music and band at the J. Graham Brown School in Louisville, Kentucky.  I was starting my third year at the school and was inspired to have my students create after I attended an Orff-Schulwerk Levels training at the University of Kentucky.

Knowing that student created band pieces were very rare at this time, I worked to develop unique ways to connect my students to writing music.  My middle school students created a story through which they connected form, melody, harmony, dynamics, tempo, timbre and rhythm.  My high school students used photographs of buildings, bridges, and sculptures from downtown Louisville as an impetus to create a 9 movement band work.

This experience opened my mind to a whole new way of approaching music education.  I witnessed my students taking ownership of their music making, being critical listeners, and becoming more collaborative with their band mates.    

It was because of this experience that I vowed to publish music written by students for the public to appreciate.  I ultimately want everyone to realize that our students are very capable and can do amazing things when they are provided the opportunity.   

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How can I get my student’s music published in a professional manner and be part of a growing community of support for student created works of music?

Follow the steps below and we will provide you with the support you need to make your student’s dreams come true.

1. Order the Kit: (Kit includes creating templates, lesson plans, examples of student created works); Choose the type of piece you want to create; Choose the publishing timeline)

2. Get Creative: Let your student’s imaginations run wild.

3. Publish Music: Submit your completed kits and we will send a FREE teacher hard copy for the classroom/school along with ordered copies for parents, friends, and administrators.

4. Celebrate: Capture the smiles of your published composers and post to the DrumSmart LLC Group page on Facebook with #drumsmartllc.

5. Collaborate: Join the DrumSmart LLC Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share lesson ideas for student created music, collaborations, and successes from the creating and publishing experience.

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