K. Michelle Lewis

K. MIchelle Lewis


Piping Hot Summer Drummer of the Week Award-British Columbia 2017
presented by:  Reid Maxwell

Athena Brass Band Percussionist-International Brass Band Conference 2017

Wedding Percussionist for the Heyburn and Giebler wedding at St. Boniface Catholic Church.

Demonstration of the aFrame electrorganic percussion instrument.

West African Drumming Class taught by:  Charles Amewudah

Guest Teaching Artist at Lincoln Elementary School for the Performing Arts

The Louisville Leopards Middle School Ensemble

"Les Miserables" Musical with Providence High School in Clarksville, Indiana

"Funny Girl"   Musical with CenterStage at The Jewish Community Center


Timpanist at Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, KY

Community Drum Circle at Goodall Gallery in Louisville, KY  
December 12, 2016

Americana Community Drum Circle Facilitation-Louisville, KY
November 2, 2016

 Community Drum Circle Facilitation for the MS Society
October 22-23, 2016

Math and Music.docx.png

Participants will learn how to differentiate instruction in Math through Arts Integration, understand the meaning of Arts Integration, how to make natural connections between Math and Music, and how to create an Arts Integrated lesson using Math and Music Fusion Guides.

"West Side Story" at Center Stage in Louisville, Kentucky
July 2016

West Side Story Percussionist-Jewish Community Center

"West Side Story" CenterStage at the Jewish Community Center

Gear:  Yamaha Bells, LP Timbales, LP Salsa Cowbells, LP Maraca, LP Claves, Black Swamp Castanets, LP Bongos, Toca Congas, LP Ratchet, Alan Abel Triangle, LP Jam Blocks, LP Tambourine, Miller Machine for Triangle and Finger Cymbals, LP Finger Cymbals, Meinl Byzance Cymbal, Police Whistle, Slide Whistle, Salyers Xylophone and Bell Mallets

Louisville Pipeband

Gear:  Premier Snare Drum, Tom and Gordon Brown Drumsticks Made in Scotland.

Prism Concert at the J. Graham Brown School

Gear:  Malletech 5-Octave Black Roadster Marimba, Salyers Marimba Mallets, Dancing Drum Djembe

Graduate Recital-Rutgers University, Mason Gross School for the Arts

Gear:  Malletech 5-Octave Imperial Grand Marimba

"The Little Mermaid" Musical

Gear:  Toca Congas, LP Bongos, LP Flexatone, LP Bell Tree, Treeworks Wind Chimes, LP Jam Blocks, Meinl Cymbal, Meinl Shaker, Meinl Cowbell, Meinl Guiro, LP Egg Shaker, LP Cabasa, LP Cyclops Tambourine, Grover Tambourine,  Acme Siren Whistle, LP Samba Whistle,  Yamaha DTX Drum Machine, Musser Xylophone, Musser Bells, Ludwig Timpani, Steve Weiss 24" Feng Gong, Alan Abel Triangle, LP Ratchet

Drum Circle Facilitation for the "I Am Ali" Day in Louisville, Kentucky 2016


Voices of Kentuckiana Percussion Set-Up

Gear:  Tama Drums, Yamaha DTX Drum Machine, 14 inch Zildjian Avedis Hi-Hats,  Toca Cajon, Latin Percussion Sleigh Bells, Rhythm Tech Tambourine, Salyers Drumsticks

Community Drum Circle at Gittli Music Studios in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

Kentucky Music Educator's Conference 2017

Clinic entitled:  "Engaging Students in Creating Music through Drum Circle Facilitation"

VOICES of Kentuckiana Drummer


Kentucky Center for the Arts-Arts Integration Academy Drum Circle 2017


July 4th at the Waterfront-2017

"Beauty and the Beast" Musical-RiverPops Orchestra-Jeffersonville, Indiana 2017

Chakra Sound Playshop at Yogaia Yoga Studio in Louisville, KY

Gear:  ElectroOrganic aFrame Drum

Community Drum Circle at The Big Four Bridge in Louisville, KY

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