K. Michelle Lewis

K. MIchelle Lewis

Educator. Percussionist. Co-Creator.


My passion and life’s mission is to be a model of love and light. I live to inspire percussionists, music educators, and all who seek to live a balanced life. In the first 20 plus years of my passion, I dedicated many hours of study and practice towards music education and percussion performance. This journey has been rewarding and continues to be a source of positive energy within the world. As I pursue a PhD in Music Education from the University of Kentucky, I am reminded that my purpose in life is to make this world a better place for my students at Bloom Elementary School and students around the world for whom I hope to meet. This PhD is for them and their future children.

In the latter part of my life, I am continuing to pursue excellence in music education and percussion, but have been spiritually drawn to use my gift of percussion to heal myself and share this with communities around the world. As a freelance percussionist I am often called to perform for Churches, Voices of Kentuckiana, and the Louisville Pipeband. I can often be seen facilitating community drum circles at community events, yoga festivals, music festivals, camps for kids, wellness studios, and more. In addition to the healing properties of drum circles, I have recently become interested in drumming and chanting as a form of healing my body, mind and spirit. Wander over to my workshop page to view how I can assist you with your body, mind and spirit connection through the power of percussion.

As a Co-Creator, I have been invited to accompany Modern Dance Classes for the Louisville Ballet School, Yoga Classes, and co-create a retreat with local artists. I am in love with co-creating and invite all artists, yogis, musicians, poets, rappers, and dancers to connect with me to explore how we can use our gifts to make a positive impact on our world.


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