K. Michelle Lewis

K. MIchelle Lewis


Reset. Refrain. Rebound

In the past year, I have taken myself on a self-guided retreat to reset my system to establish harmony within my body, mind and spirit. These retreats have contributed greatly to healing myself of Multiple Sclerosis that was a part of my life for 27 years. The retreats consist of meditation, yoga, drumming, chanting, nourishment, hiking, rest, reading, journaling, and exploring.


A large part of my healing has centered around resting my body and mind. I can often be seen sleeping in a hammock on these retreats and love to take a nap when my body says it needs to slow down. The use of alarm clocks is not needed because the sun takes care of when to wake up and go to sleep.


Guided meditation and/or self-guided meditation can be obtained in numerous ways on retreats. A provided list of unique meditations will be provided to fit the needs of every participant.


A variety of yoga traditions will be explored each day to provide individuals with a fresh start.


Drumming traditions of Native cultures will be explored connecting participants to their ancestors, spirit, and themselves.


Chanting will include chants from Indian, Native American, and Modern Cultures as they connect participants with their true self.


Nourishment is provided by each participant as each person has needs that are specifically related to their body, mind and spirit.


Hiking will be a regular part of every day.


Resting is encouraged and celebrated as we are on retreat to get away from work, doing stuff, and the “monkey mind.”


Exercising the mind by reading books that develop the body, mind and spirit connection is highly encouraged.


Reflection by journaling is an activity that can occur more than once during the day and is highly encouraged.


The land we stay on will lend itself to exploration. Wandering the woods and experiencing a new space as if it were your first time on the planet brings joy to those who explore.



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