K. Michelle Lewis

K. MIchelle Lewis

I Found Medicine

Spring Break of 2019 approximately one month after my second round of infusions I took a silent retreat to Mt. Saint Francis in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.  This was my first encounter with the Mount and my first silent retreat.  I didn’t have any expectations as to what my days would look like for the week ahead and for me that was a new experience.

Each of my days consisted of meditation, healthy nourishment, hiking, reading, writing, and prayer.  I woke every morning with the sunrise and thanked God for the beautiful day that was created for all of us to enjoy.  Each day was met with the curiosity of a child.  What new adventure would I experience today?  This was my approach and it served me well.  I discovered so many exciting opportunities while I was there.  The re-opening of the Mary Anderson Arts Center, Pottery Classes, Lunch with the Friars, Mass and Hiking the entire grounds were the highlights of my time at Mt. St. Francis. 

The place where I felt most at home were on the trails.  I found nature’s medicine there and to this day believe there is healing energy in our earth that when harnessed properly can be an effective medicine.  When I began seeing nature as medicine, my perspective on disease and healing shifted.  

One year prior to my infusions in February of 2019, I was unable to walk down my street without irritation on my left side.  For me to be able to walk over 10 miles in the forest less than a month after the infusions is a miracle. Every opportunity I receive to commune with nature is one that I graciously accept.  This will always be part of my life and for the Friars and friends at Mt. Saint Francis, I thank you for accepting me as your eternal friend.  

Power of Percussion


The Power of Percussion Podcast was conceived during a time where I was experiencing an awakening. I was attracted to the healing effects of community drumming and began facilitation community drum circles all over the Louisville Metro Area. As this grew, I felt more connected to my community and began to feel more alive. I noticed a difference in my overall health and mental state after every drum circle. This feeling I later discovered was caused by the brain entering a state called Theta. Theta is when our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. This feeling prompted me to act which looks like me facilitating drum circles, drum meditation workshops, and using drumming to heal communities.

I decided to start the podcast by interviewing percussionists, music therapists, drummers, teachers, healers, students, and community members. I have since noticed that everyone has a connection to what the power of percussion has done for them. The benefits range from healing to happiness. It is with gratitude that I continue this drumming journey around the world to bring the power of percussion to you through my upcoming podcast series set to launch in Summer 2019.


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